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Portable Tooth Washing Machine | Dental Water Washer

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1. Waterproof and washable, ergonomic handle for comfortable use. Can be used with mouthwash.
2. It is a cordless dental water jet that deep-cleans teeth and interdental spaces, preventing the formation of plaque.
3. Remove debris and food residue from in between teeth, even in the most hard-to-reach areas.
4. Two pressure settings: High for deep cleaning and plaque removal, Low for a gentle massage that will help strengthen and revitalize gums by increasing blood circulation.
5. 125ml reservoir, enough to clean your teeth for around 35-45 seconds.
6. With it, teeth are cleaner and gums stronger and healthier.
7. It is ideal for teeth with braces, dentures, prosthesis and can be used with mouthwash. Always use after brushing.



Material: ABS
Color: Blue & White
Tank Volume: 125ml
Power Source: 2 x AA Batteries(Not Included In the Package)
Power settings: High / Low
Quantity: 1 Set
Size: 80x47x23mm